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Thursday, June 4, 2015

lemlem for Anthropologie

lemlem for Anthropologie Makeda tablecloth, $118.

If I were to print my own Etsy-qualified Quote of Fabulousness (which I never will), it would be: "There is no problem a Breton stripe cannot solve." Because this is basically my closet:

Via Pinterest.

So when I learned Ethiopian supermodel, activist and all-around awesome person Liya Kebede was turning her striped fashion line lemlem into homegoods for Anthropologie, I got more than a little excited. Kinda like when Britney Spears spies a discarded PopTart on the ground. That level of excited.

But I approached this collaboration with caution, as lemlem is Amharic for "$245 cheesecloth swimsuit cover-up." I kid, I kid. It actually means "to bloom." And while Kedebe's fair trade company nobly supports native Ethiopian weavers, her own home line costs three times as much as similar Anthro items. I'm going to take a wild guess that native Asian weavers produced Anthro's collabo goodies.

So if you love stripes like I love stripes and want that lemlem aesthetic without the pesky quality-of-life-supporting prices, check out lemlem for Anthropologie!

lemlem for Anthropologie Bara euro sham, $58.

lemlem for Anthropologie Maleda shower curtain, $98.

lemlem for Anthropologie Gigi pillow, $58.

lemlem for Anthropologie Makeda duvet, $248-$298.


Price Style & Design said...

I absolutely love how you can tell a story with wit and wisdom. "pesky quality of life"....your words are genius!

Marcheline said...

This is one of those situations where I look at and like an item obscenely overpriced by Anthropologie (is it ever otherwise?), take mental notes, and find an identically pleasing striped tablecloth (or whatever) for a fraction of the cost somewhere else.