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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

West Elm new Fall 2015 intros

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After a few seasons of throwing very little love designers' way, West Elm has returned to sending the trade e-previews of upcoming product releases. So what's new or new-ish this fall for America's premier mid-price contemporary Millennial home retailer?

A color palette that is, thankfully, not screaming orange and olive green.
But Peacock Blue still abides.

Decor Enthusiasts of a Certain Age, did you ever think sage would return so soon?

"Mad Men" was put to bed a few weeks ago, and MCM is looking pretty tired to me.

 You know how I feel about the Moroccan rug trend.

I live in the Rocky Mountains where these would actually be appropriate and, yet, they're still not.

I'm asking the home decor industry to please stop with poufs. I beg of you.

 Striped sofa, $1299. Striped ottoman, $699.

Now, you're saying to yourself "Raina, you cranky bitch, is there anything you like?" And yes, Dumplings, there is plenty to get excited about at West Elm this fall. Like this delicious sofa and ottoman collabo with NYC retailer and stripe aficionado Steven Alan.

Steven Alan carved wood table, $499.

Let's get a closer look at that goodness. YUM to the table as well.

 Moroccan bowls, $29 each.

Rugs aside, I still have a soft spot for most anything a la maroc.

Circle Stripe bedspread, $189-$219.

Speaking of Moroccan, I've never met a fringe, tassel or pom pom I didn't like. So the Circle Stripe bedspread (top left and right and bottom right) with its fringe border gives me the tinglies.

Swabdesign task lamps, $129 each.

If you put a firearm to my head and demanded I pick out an MCM/Industrial West Elm doodad that wouldn't strike me with a migraine every time I cast my peepers on it, it would be this desk lamp.

Parsons desk in Black Marble Decoupage, $649.

And for the item most likely to swamp our Instagram feeds, West Elm's newest version of the Parsons desk. Expect to see this in every home office/glam corner/She Shed reveal in the next year. You have my apologies for using those last two terms.


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

"She shed reveal"? I can't stop giggling!! I don't hate MCM but there does seem to be a rash of "trying too hard" MCM items out there that are very unlikeable. Personally I like mine to actually be vintage and not a knock-off.

Pigtown*Design said...

is that really sage? i think it looks more like olive. i think of sage as a lighter gray-ish green.

Unknown said...

Oh, keep being your bad self. Lemming decorating I call it. I agree with your fatigue. I yearn for a red with some blue in it. It seems like we have had an awful lot of years of orange-masquerading-as-red.

Gray said...

I agree with you on everything except the lamps. They remind me of War of the Worlds....And I live in a part of the country where we actually have brown furniture and lots of antiques - we do not paint everything white. So there are lots of trends that I don't get....

Sharon Brown said...

I see I am not the only one cracking up at the term "She Shed"! Also, your comment on those plates ... haahahah!

David said...

We have a West Elm again after a long absence, I'm going to go in there soon, I'm digging some things.