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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A mini fridge saved my life

Igloo mini refrigerator, $149.

I've been thinking about upgrading to a seriously enormous refrigerator, because I'm tired of shuffling things around just to get to my sweet pickles. The struggle is REAL, y'all.

Then it hit me - I don't need a bigger fridge, I need a condiment cooler! Because my ketchups, mustards and various salad dressings take up 67.2% of my refrigerator. I did the math. 

And it would need to be incredibly cute because of course. Either of these will do nicely.

Big Chill retro under counter refrigerator, $1695.

(Thanks Keri for the heads up!)


An Urban Cottage said...

This is incredibly stylish and I might buy one for my office but I wish there was a mini fridge that was frost-free. Defrosting just seems so last century.

Keri said...

Omg! Brilliant!!!

Don Richards said...

It's funny that you posted this, I was just digging up the post you did on the GE Artistry series. My big stainless behemoth died, and is out of warranty at just a little over 3 yrs old. The parts and labor to fix were going to cost close to the price of the GE. It also hit me that I don't need huge stainless appliances in a small cottage. I really wanted a SMEG and realized sadly, they're just too small.

I'm hoping the Artistry in white will be a good solution at almost a third of the price I paid for the last one. I'm going back to all white, for this house it just makes more sense.

essbesee said...

love it. have no where to put it. but love the idea of a condiment cooler.

penelopebianchi said...

It is chic beyond; and VERY European!! However; this is the only refrigeratory they have!

that is the reason they are way healthier!

I think this is the chicest thing EVER! and I am going to replace the electricity guzzler small fridge (my husband calls them Fridgidaires that is how old we are!!!) with this adorable thing!


Marcheline said...

Oh, the Big Chill. It's my mecca... my Mount Everest... the goal of my retro kitchen to have one! Full size, though. It will happen - one year!

LMoore said...

I think I am probably closer to 85% condiments in mine. Might be easier to move the "real" food to the small refrigerator.