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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coming this fall to a chain home store near you

We've just put away the star-spangled decor, which means it's time for the home store chains to trot out their autumn wares. Fall is typically the big spend season for decorating, as consumers switch from outdoor back to indoor living and realize the sofa set is looking pretty shoddy for upcoming holiday entertaining.

Pottery Barn is the go-to decor store of a certain tax bracket - it's what the upper middle class furnish their second homes with. This fall the Chico's of home decorating is undergoing a bit of an identity crisis...

Not knowing if it wants to be like Millennial sister chain West Elm,

Or the more boho Anthropologie,

Or go for the slightly more upscale Williams-Sonoma Home crowd.

Speaking of WS Home, a recent email showcased its new sexy-named Parquet Rectangular Dining Table. It retails for $3995 with a $310 delivery charge. Now everyone knows Williams-Sonoma owns Pottery Barn and West Elm and presumably uses the same factories to make all of the brands' furniture. So why would anyone pay $4000+ for what is essentially a $999 Pottery Barn table? 

The same goes for those $175 ginger jars you can get at Pier One for $39.95.

Pottery Barn Kids has collaborated with LA designer Jenni Kayne on a line of bedding and decor with floral and vaguely Native American themes (oh, hai, culturally insensitive "teepee").

This collection looks to be, uh, "inspired" by indie designers Coral & Tusk.

The newest player in the decor game is Free People's debut home line, FP Sanctuary, which in look and price falls somewhere between sister brand Urban Outfitter's Apartment pieces and the more spendy Calypso St. Barth's Maison & Decor goodies.

Clouds of high-end patchouli fog the air and your brain, convincing you that $300 is a reasonable price to pay for dip-dyed mosquito netting.

And that perfect finishing touch is a wireless Bluetooth speaker fashioned as a flower-festooned set of antlers.


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

If you buy those speakers, we can't be friends anymore.

Nancy Powell said...

Great post Raina. Hope youre enjoying the summer! xo Nancy

Price Style & Design said...

"The chico's of home decorating" ---you NAILED it!!!!!!!

Marcheline said...

Love the bed curtains that look like they're soaking up a puddle of Merlot (or is that blood?)... but $300? No, ma'am. I'm just befuddled by the wireless speaker, and I thought we left metallic chain tables back in the seventies where they belonged...everything else is so "meh" I can't even love it or hate it.

jason said...

I might just get myself some Rit dye and try that mosquito netting myself!

Or not.

penelopebianchi said...

I am serious right now. You are very funny. Your commenters are even funnier! (sorry!!)

But you are doing a public service. I am really serious. Young people are buying "throw away furniture"; and there isn't anything funny about that.

These sofas and chairs at Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, even Restoration Hardware are complete JUNK made in China. These things will fall apart within a few years.

Go to sales.....used furniture upholstered furniture made in the 50's; 60's 70's 80's!! They are 100 times better made....(they will have to be slipcovered or reupholstered)

But for about 10 cents on the dollar you can buy well-made upholstered furniture....that would cost about $500 a foot to have custom made today! (I know because my upholsterer charges ME that!!) And I have to add on to that for the design and selection of fabric....etc. That is the starting point!!!!

Stay away from "throwaway furniture"!!

Buy quality upholstered can find it!!!! The stuff from China is JUNK! And probably has poisonous things in the upholstery!! I mean it!!!

penelopebianchi said...

Give me a break! The Pier One jar completely trumps the other a fraction!!! EEEEEK!!
What a great job you do!!

YAY!!!! Brava!!!!

penelopebianchi said...

OH I am so so sorry! I was so upset by the other things...I MISSED the flower fake antler speakers!

Beyond my comprehension; actually. the worst thing I may have ever seen. Oh well.

thank you you darling woman. You may save taste in our time!!

Debra Phillips said...

same here at the atlanta home and gift show....EVERYONE is copying EVERYONE
they are all confused

thought of you when i came across a rhino, glossy black, the size of an overweight lab, with a massive vase coming out of it's back. WTF, finally originality and it is assinine!

Jessica said...

amazing recap!

JaneCatherineDolan said...

Please tell me there was a mix-up with FP -- those antler speakers must be an April Fool Joke, right?