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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diplomatic decor dispatches

 "Oh, my Pin's price dropped!"

In response to media requests, the State Department last night released the first batch of emails sent by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. While no bombshell revelations were to be found, Clinton's deftness at juggling home and work matters was revealed.

In an email with the subject line "Don't laugh!!", an aide was asked to track down area rug info from a diplomatic mission: "Can you contact your protocol friend in China and ask him if I could get photos of the carpets of the rooms I met in w[ith] POTUS during the recent trip? I loved the designs and the way they appeared carved. Any chance we can get this?"

Clinton's keen interest in decorating is well known. After announcing in 2012 that she would be stepping down from her diplomatic post, Clinton was asked about her future plans. The former First Lady jokingly stated she would like to host a decorating show.

In another email, Clinton mistakenly directed a decorating query to top aide Huma Abedin: "I like the idea of these. How high are they? What would the bench be made of? And I'd prefer two shelves or attractive boxes/baskets/conmtainers [sic] on one. What do you think?"

Is Hillary Clinton hiding secret Pinterest and tumblr accounts? Does she blog under the pseudonym "Secretary of the Interior"? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Robin said...

All I can say is kudos to her, her brain must be enormous. Monitoring diplomatic relations, domestic political expectations, daily presidential briefs, that crazy travel schedule, checking in with the home office and family and she still had brain capacity to ask about area rugs? I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Carla Aston said...

Interesting! I love a woman with an eye for a beautiful rug. :-)