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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ken Fulk for Pottery Barn

San Francisco decorator, event planner and rumored wood sprite Ken Fulk recently announced a collaboration with every middle-aged woman's favorite furniture store, Pottery Barn. Dusty ovaries everywhere trembled at the thought of the staid chain kicking it up a notch. Would Fulk, who calls his studio "the magic factory," sprinkle his trademark High Traditional pixie dust on PB's clunky wares?

Let's hold hands, think WASP-y thoughts, and get our Fulk on...

Leather sectional, $8895 as shown.
Cast metal crocodile coffee table, $999.
Cast metal crocodile end table, $599.
Giraffe printed rug, $449-$1499.
Cheetah hide print pillow, $199.

Leather pommel bench, $999.
A smaller footstool version is available for $399.

Carlisle chair, $1299.
 Retriever ice bucket, $129.
 Retriever set of 2 DOF glasses, $34.
Retriever muddler, $19.50.
Retriever stirrer, $10.50.
Retriever fireplace tools, $199.
Retriever andirons, $249.

Glass chandelier, $799.

Sconce, $249.
 Adjustable canopy bed frame, $599.
Tufted leather headboard, $1199-$1399.
Luggage bedside table, $899.
Retriever lamp base (on bedside table), $150.
Cast elephant bust, $599.
Keyhole extra-wide dresser, $1599.

Tramp art mirror, $699.

Federal mirror, $499.
You may remember this from my prescient forecasting.

So, Dumplings, does this collection deserve a round of...

Applause light box, $99.
The 60-piece line is currently only available for pre-order to the trade.


Don Richards said...

Well, some of the ideas are interesting, but that Federal mirror is plastic with an MDF back. A plastic fake Federal mirror for $500? The canopy is a good idea, just not sure of the quality.

Don Richards said...

I just went on Ebay and found a few 100 yr old repro mirrors for around a hundred, and one for $75.

Price Style & Design said...

I love elephants. But that bust is a BUST!

wellfedfred said...

I think you made this up. I'm not sure how you did it, but I think you made this up.

jason said...

Well, I like those floor lamps.
Oh, but are those even for sale?
never mind

penelopebianchi said...

Honestly; I think your commenters are really writers for SNL! (I haven't watched it for 25 years; but if they aren't; they should be!!!

My two cents: I think this guy is a good decorator. BUT... I don't like even one thing in this collection. I tried.

This is junk furniture; and I think when young people spend good money on junk furniture (most made in China) they will regret it in the long run. (If they have no one to tell them; they won't regret it; but they would had they known!!)

Not even one thing do I even tolerate. Awful.

My favorite comment (and I LOVE them all...picking a favorite was really hard!!) Wellfedfred! Genius!
And I agree!

penelopebianchi said...

I forgot to say that the canopy bed is some weird combination of a leather headboard with a pool cabana! (we had the exact one when I was growing up!!!!) (the cabana not the leather headboard)

ita darling. said...

I really like the tramp art mirror and the applause light! The rest is very MEH- and all of the animal print malarky is going to go REALLY REALLY wrong in someone's suburban home. The very best thing about this post is the phrase "Dusty ovaries everywhere trembled"... that image should get the equivalent of a blogging pulitzer.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

At auction I once saw a real mirror - chipped a bit mind you for the same amount as he is charging for that one!! Dusty ovaries ๐Ÿ˜‚

Interior Design Musings said...

I really don't like any of it except maybe the chandy and even then I think it's the agate wallpaper that is making me like it. a real sleeper for me.

Sara Gaarde said...

I think Pottery Barn will be disappointed in sales from this collection, which I was looking forward to. Brass items look tinny, way too much golden retriever stuff, signs are silly, "tramp art" mirror isn't, no I don't want any leather pommel horses in my living room, bed is ugly, only thing that looks good is the sectional sofa.