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Friday, August 21, 2015

Jib doors, secret passages

World of Interiors via Pinterest.

 Via Pinterest.

Miles Redd, Architectural Digest

Howard Slatkin, DuJour.

Catalano Architects via Pinterest.

Pauline de Rothschild via Mark D. Sikes.

Howard Slatkin, DuJour.
(Inspired by the Rothschild room.)


Unknown said...

Aren't these cunning? My inner ten year old responds to secret doors and the accomplished engineering and/or architecture seals the deal.

Nik Wobbe said...

I had a good friend growing up whose parents had a hidden wallpapered secret door from their bedroom into her dad's office. It was pretty fascinating, and if I ever build a house from scratch, I'm definitely putting in a secret door, but not for some baloney doomsday or zombie apocalypse nonsense, seems like most of the ones on pinterest have some doomsday connotation to them. I just want to hide from my kids, or possibly my in-laws...

Marcheline said...

Best kind of secret door leads to a bedroom or a bar (or both!)