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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


"Ambient taste" via Garance Doré:

Yeah, it’s ok. I mean, it’s basically the ambient taste right now.

Me: “What do you mean, ambient taste?”

“Oh, you know – it’s kind of what everyone likes these days, you see it everywhere, and you like it too without even really thinking about it.”


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I laugh about this with a few people. I always say when I see certain things about my house or wardrobe I was made to be a blogger! If you think deeply about it, it is not surprising about ambient taste. It's been rather unsettled around the world that last decade and it's only natural to cling on to beacons of safety and a rosier and alphabetized world.

PS where are the missing macaroons and a dyptique candle in the photo? ;))

Robin said...

Don't tell anyone but I kinda want that mug... #lemming

KElizabeth Spillman said...

So... ambient taste=the bourgeoisie zeitgeist?