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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ready for trad as rad?

Back to my dead horse flogging... I still have this itch (not going to say where) that something is bubbling up. Something capital-T Traditional. 

In a recent post, I brought up the prospect of Radical Colonial Redux. We've seen it raise its decorating zombie head in a new Pottery Barn collabo. Now West Elm, sanctuary of all things geometry and MCM, has introduced the Hewes chair (above). Did you just hear tires screeching, too?

Traditional has never left us, but I'm not talking about its current sorority sister iteration of lacquer, rigid symmetry, and Z Gallerie chinoiserie. This is what I mean:

Via Pinterest.

Mark D. Sikes via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Carolina Irving via Pinterest.

Pattern upon pattern, brown furniture, oils of long-dead unattractive people, rugs that look like potholders, clutter, clutter and more clutter.

Dumplings, I tell you what, I'm ready for it. I'm of a mood to sell my groovy post-and-beam '70s mountain pad, buy me something 200+ years old in New England and let the chintz fly. Who's with me?


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I live in London so trad never died but brown furniture is grounding and very keep calm and carry on. But having said that I recently got a brown Edwardian display cabinet. How many dorky things does that tick?! And I am not painting it.

Unknown said...

I'm ready for it. The colors you have shown here are exactly what I love/use in my own home. This to me is where I want to live.

You called it!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I am with you!!
That chair smacks of that weird wood furniture of the 70s that had wings and removable cushions that was generally festooned with an orange and green floral fabric or something with a covered wagon scene.

jtc said...

When I saw cabbage rose florals and buffalo checks tastefully tucked in corners, I knew it wouldn't be long before someone fed them after midnight.

Don Richards said...

Well, hello possibly new neighbor! I have been fighting my New England cottage for years. It wants what it wants. I can do a little contemporary, but this house dictates what will fit in it. Not even joking. Houses sort of dictate what fits. I had to scrap a perfectly wonderful Papa Bear Wegner chair. This house wanted a wingback, and fought tooth and nail for it. Unfortunately, it was right.

Naz said...

I just can't. Maybe because I live in New England home of the fuddy duddy dwellings which I never found attractive.

home before dark said...

I have never like mid-century—perhaps because I am. I think Carolina Irving's apartment is a lovely hybrid that feels real life is carried on here: Love of pattern and books, an acquired cast of furnishings, easy to put the feet up and a drink down. You've mentioned your love affair is over with mid century at least two times. The third time I believe you house will be sold!

Raina Cox said...

home before dark - So I should stop banging on about it and put my money where my mouth is? ;-)

pamela said...

Hallelujah!!!! I've been waiting for this! I have every one of these "Pins" and they are all personal favorites. The current "sorority sisters" take on traditional was good looking, but bugged the ever-lovin-'- day lights out of me. Where was their stuff? Their collections, their travel trophies, their inherited cache-pots for goodness sakes? It all looked like it was staged for potential buyers so as not to offend anyone. Plus, like with any trend, it made its way down to low budget retailers and became just sad, often pathetic, interpretations of the original designs. Mid century was NEVER good looking in most cases. Of course, there were many exceptions to the rule, but now, like any trend, it has been done to death. By the time that trend first fizzled out in the seventies, it left its wake in the waiting room of every dentist and doctor whose wife planted it there for lack of a better place to put it. Your house, like your taste, is of course the exception and fabulous. I cannot wait to see what you do with your colonial!! Go for it! No spinning wheels of course, another example of a trend gone horribly awry! :-))) Bring on Philadelphia Story and Mario Buatto's lavender bedroom with yards of gorgeous chintz. His rooms were fabulous in the day and his current projects are still timeless and pretty, unlike the sad Waverly chintz that ended up at Calico Corners where I'm sure everything chevron resides now. I jumped up and down when I saw Oscar's last Spring collection, it was filled with gorgeous color and gingham and I knew interiors were going to follow. Please do it so all of us can come along for the ride, as I know it will be wonderful.... and WITTY! Love love love your blog!!!

life, in small chunks said...

Uhhhh...not me.

Robin said...

If your house-hunting ventures come to fruition, I am ready and waiting to drag you all over Connecticut!