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Friday, October 2, 2015

Because subjugation is chic!

Via Pinterest.


Kathy said...

R....are you watching "Indian Summers" on PBS ? I'm hooked after one episode...loving AND hating it...full on "colonial glam" ...uncomfortable viewing of gorgeous scenery and superb acting.

Raina Cox said...

Kathy - I'm not, but I'm a sucker for anything on PBS. And I enjoyed 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' a bit too much.

ita darling. said...

Colonial Glam! (like a british colony, dutch colony, american colony? all would look different depending on the origins)

Also ranking high on my global decor descriptive noun pet peeve list are terms where the author clearly doesn't want to do further research on the origins of where something is made / the origination of a pattern (if appropriated by say Schumacher)

1. Ethnic (aka Made by some brown people somewhere)
2. African (Egyption? Malian? Moroccan? Zulu?)
3. Oriental (does anyone still use this term?)
4. Indian (subcontinental or Native American- a.k.a. dots or feathers?)

Have I missed any?

madeleine said...

Right on - so many blogs focused on design or similar seem to think that being about pretty things absolves them from having to have a conscience.