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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The neighborhood ass

He (she?) was not part of a birthday party petting zoo. Our neighbor, about ten doors down, actually owns a donkey. I met the beast this evening while taking my daily walk. He was as startled to see me as I was him.

He lives at this house:

With this view:
Not a bad donkey life.


nelya said...

Lucky ass! ;0)

Anonymous said...

You are really going to miss that view when you move to Austin!

We might be able to hook you up with a donkey, though.

Decorina said...

Hey, my ex lives in Austin. He is a perfect ass.

Anonymous said...

Ok, just the fact that you live near that view is enough to make me green with envy. I know I've told you about the back porch filled with rednecks that is a mere 30 feet away from my back door. At least they're really nice rednecks

Anonymous said...

Decorina, Austin is full of asses. He's in the right place.

Robin said...

If there is a prize for blog titles, this one gets my vote.

Did your neighbor happen to explain WHY they have a donkey? Is it considered a pet?

Raina Cox said...

I have no idea. I've never met the family who lives there.

I'm not sure what the zoning rules are around here. About 30 years ago, this was considered a rural area and our hill was occupied by a couple of horse farms. One woman a few doors down has lived up here for more than 50 years. She keeps chickens and one very loud rooster. The other side of the hill butts up to a sheep farm, so the occasional bleet is not uncommon.