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Monday, December 1, 2008

This made my morning

I've just discovered that frequent and longtime Lamp Shade commenter and all-around hot Heeb chick, NKP, has a most wonderful blog, Head Over Heels. It's beyond gorgeous and filled with drool-inducing interior shots and lovely photos of her devoted husband and three handsome boys (any of which may be future suitors for The Pea). I wouldn't be surprised if NKP has an interior design background. At the very least, she has an unerring eye for detail and beautiful compositions.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I was just coming back by to take a peek at your cute little ass (wink, wink) and now I've been outted! Wow, you're too kind Raina. As for design credentials, I have zero, zilch, none! But thanks for the shout out-really, it's an honor. You're the design diva I look to for inspiration, as for the blog, I just needed a place to hear myself think. (thanks, I'm blushing) :0)