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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kips Bay goofiness

 Back staircase by Janet and Carolina Rauber.

Spring has officially sprung in New York City.  The 39th Kips Bay Decorator Show House opens today and, as usual, the goofiness is far more interesting than the pretty.  And there is a lot of pretty - Brad Ford, Celerie Kemble, Richard Mishaan, Matthew Patrick Smyth, and Jeff Lincoln bring it in truckloads.  But it's the eyeball bleeders that make for the most fun.  My faves are the child's bedroom with an enormous brass cobra and the 2001: A Space Odyssey laundry room - "Dave, the whites are finished."

 Harry Heisman's child's bedroom.

 The laundry room by Stephen Fanuka.

Bedroom by Amanda Nisbet.

Front hall stairwell by Wayne Nathan.

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House, Room by Room [The New York Times]


hush said...

Oh, Wayne Nathan, what a hot mess. Pretty sure the job didn't call for Shipping Store Chic.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Nisbet's room was fabulous - I think the other shot was a bit better. Really, this may be a translation thing. Also, the stairway in person? Doesn't come off like this. Just sayin'.

Julia said...

Oh, man, am I glad I don't have epilepsy, because I think that first pic would give me seizures.

And what, WHAT, is on the bed in the kid's room?


Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

I normally do not use lol, but I think it is highly called for here and a big LOL. Hmmm you beat me to this Raina.
Poor poor child, the money that will eventually go into therapy.

My Interior Life said...

Wow. My son is already deathly afraid of snakes, so I'm afraid the cobra would not make it into the design of his room. And, "Dave, the whites are finished" made me giggle. Thanks for that.

Now, I want to see the pretty!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Show me the good stuff.

Both those stairways are trying too hard.

Unknown said...

Is that a laundry room? I thought it was the orgasmatron from Sleeper...front entry fail...I can't wait to see this in person next month. Will bring my kids 3D glasses, maybe those cubes will fly at me!

Kathy said...

LOVE the laundry! Jane Jetson never had it so good....her Rosie would have loved it.......k

Robin said...

Once again I am reminded why I don't really want to ever go to the KBSH.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I put gold wiener dogs all over my kids room and these mofos out do me with a giant brass cobra! Oh hell no, im about to give my gold wieners grenade launchers. Take that kips bay.

Samantha said...

Giraffe nightmares.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

It is too bad that you didn't choose other photos that would have given your followers a better look. This year is actually one of the strongest as far as design. There are a lot of other rooms that might have been a better fit it seems. The cause that this show house benefits is tremendous. The Boys and Girls Club benefits children from very depresses economic backgrounds and gives them a chance.

Maybe you had a bad day.
Jamie Herzlinger

Raina Cox said...

Jamie Herzlinger - I am not implying that the entirety of the Kips Bay Show House was awful, just the rooms featured in this post. And as a past participant in many show houses myself, I fully realize that some designers do crazy rooms purely for the press coverage.

There are thousands of Happy Clapper design bloggers who showered the KBSH with excited commentary and copious exclamation points. That's not what I do here.

And to passively-aggressively imply temporary crankiness on my part is just silly. I'm always cranky.